Camilo Augusto is a multidisciplinary artist and academic based in Barranquilla and Puerto Colombia, Atlántico, Colombia. Migrating between the sonic space and physical realm, Camilo Augusto treats objects, sound and the moving image as invaluable expressions of place and time. Coffee, plants, local soundscapes and other miscellaneous cultural artifacts, become a means of tracing and articulating identity in a country enriched by its cultural hybridity.

Camilo Augusto’s work is inspired by the everyday, intrigued by the ritualistic properties innate within commonplace activities and objects and their enduring connection to a colonial past. Language and stereotypes exist in Camilo Augusto’s practice as sites of observation and critique, interrogating his own postcolonial positionality in the process.

Moving into new media art, Camilo Augusto’s approach to technology is informed by the D.I.Y culture he observed growing up, an impressive bricolage fuelled by initiative and necessity. Led by an acute curiosity, Camilo Augusto’s unmovable connection to Baranquilla, drives him to map the world around him through a growing oeuvre of audio work and an exploration of cables and electronics. Using sound and to realise this sense of connection, Camilo Augusto makes art that resonates with place and identity, thriving in its articulation of the distinct yet immaterial essence that produces a place as home.

Lauren Gee

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