Paisaje de mayo (May’s Landscape)

May’s Landscape is an interactive sound installation consisting of two instances: first, a generative soundscape made from over 18 hours of audio extracted from audio and video messages from WhatsApp during all May 2021, maybe the most tense moment in Colombia’s 2021 social and political life. These audios are mixed and filtered by a Pure Data patch where miscellaneous and contradictory messages about COVID-19 pandemic, mother’s day, random jokes and messages concerning 2021 Colombian protests, includding looting, gunfire and assesinations videos, interact each other in an unintelligible cacophony. Second, this soundscape became an interactive installation that generate abstacts landscape drawings with the interaccion between determinate amount of liquid ink with the speaker’s movement while the sounds described above are reproduced. This instance is called Paisaje de mayo para matar al mono (May’s Landscape To Kill The Monkey), and was comissioned for the exhibit El Dibujo es Mentira 4: Matar al Mono (The Drawing Is A Lie 4: Kill The Monkey), held in October 2021.

Assembly for the exhibition El Dibujo es Mentira 4: Matar al Mono. Espace Culturel. Alianza Francesa de Barranquilla. 2021